Useful buildout recipes


A list of the most common and useful buildout recipes used when working with Plone.

The list is more or less sorted by topic. Check all available recipes at PyPI.

  • zc.recipe.egg - Installs eggs into a buildout eggs directory. It also generates scripts in a buildout bin directory with egg paths baked into them.
  • infrae.subversion - This zc.buildout recipe will check out a number of URLs into its parts directory. It won't remove its parts directory if there are any changes in the checkout, so it's safe to work with that checkout for development.
  • plone.recipe.zope2install - Installs Zope 2, i.e. its Python libraries and scripts, but doesn't create any instance.
  • plone.recipe.zope2instance - Creates and configures a Zope 2 instance in parts. It also installs a control script, which is like zopectl, in the bin/ directory.
  • plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver - This recipe creates and configures a Zope 2 ZEO server in parts. It also installs a control script, which is like zeoctl, in the bin/ directory.
  • plone.recipe.distros - Installs distributions, i.e. Zope products not packaged as eggs.
  • plone.recipe.apache - Builds and configures the Apache web server.
  • gocept.nginx - zc.buildout recipe for configuring an nginx server
  • plone.recipe.varnish - Installs the Varnish reverse-cache proxy. It works for non-Zope sites as well.
  • plone.recipe.squid - Installs the Squid proxy. It works for non-Zope sites as well.
  • collective.recipe.omelette - Creates a unified directory structure of all namespace packages, symlinking to the actual contents, in order to ease navigation.
  • collective.recipe.i18noverrides - Creates an i18n directory within one or more Zope 2 instances in your buildout. It copies some .po files to those directories. The translations in those .po files will override any other translations.
  • zc.recipe.cmmi - The Configure-Make-Make-Install recipe automates installation of configure-based source distribution into buildouts.
  • plone.recipe.command - Execute arbitrary commands in buildout through os.system.