Zope 2 vs. Zope 3 practices

Over the years Plone has used many, many different technologies to deliver its award-winning CMS to the masses.

You may often hear of a particular technology being referred to as "old style" or "new style".

This section aims to give a cursory overview of all of Plone technologies, particularly with regard to their categorization as "old style" or "new style".


This section does not aim to tell you which technology to choose over another; and it is certainly not a definitive resource for what is "old" or "new" in Plone. It only aims to clear up confusion with regard to the common use of such terminology.


Also please note that while "old" generally refers to Zope 2 before the ZTK existed and "new" generally refers to the mixture of Zope 2 and ZTK technologies, there are no absolutes. You can apply the terms "old" and "new" to just about anything in Plone, and the terminology is always changing as Plone development advances.