Plone - The Open Source CMS

This document is a community maintained manual for the Plone content management system.


This version is mostly for version 3.3.x of Plone, which hasn't been updated since 2011. It is here to help those who still run Plone 3 sites, and for those feeling nostalgic. We recommend to work with the current stable version of Plone. You can find the latest version of the documentation on

The target audience of the documentation includes

  • Content editors: writing, updating and ordering the actual content of the site
  • Site administrators: installing Plone, add-ons and setting up the site
  • Designers: changing Plone's visual appearance
  • Deployers: hosting Plone for production on a server
  • Developers: Customizing Plone, developing add-ons, and improving Plone itself