Generate 'Remember' based Member-Types. Its the successor of CMFMember.


You must install to additional Products:

You should also read the documentation of both and understand how they work!

A Content-Type based on remember

  • Create a class in your class diagram and give it a a stereotype <<remember>>
  • add the tagged value use_workflow and set it to one of member_approval_workflow or member_auto_workflow. You can create also your own workflow if you know what remember needs (look at the workflows shipped with remember).
  • set the active_workflow_states tagged value to the class and declare which states of the used workflow are the ones, where the user can log in with. It expects a list of values, e.g. python:["private", "public"]
  • Add attributes (fields) as you need. Attention here, only override fields of remembers BaseMember schema if you know what youre doing.
  • Generate & Done