ATVocabularyManager is a product for letting site managers define vocabularies for fields through-the-web or by import from XML files. ArchGenXML can generate the necessary code to use this product.

ATVM manages dynamic vocabularies. It installs a tool, where a site Manager can add, change and delete vocabularies. These vocabularies can then be used anywhere on the site.

You can download ATVocabularyManager from the products area: /products/atvocabularymanager

Using simple flat vocabularies

Adding ATVM-vocabs to your UML model is quite easy.

  1. Add a selection or multiselection field to your type.
  2. Add a tag vocabulary:name and give it a name, let's say countries
  3. Add a tag vocabulary:type with the value ATVocabularyManager

We are now finished with the UML. Save it and let AGX do the work. What still is missing, is to install the countries vocabulary. Therefore:

  • Add a function called setupVocabularies to the protected code section in in your product and register it as an import step in /profiles/default/import_steps.xml in a code section (make it dependent from you *QI-Dependencies step.

  • Add the following code to your (this sets up a vocabulary countries with the given values, and registers it with ATVocabularyManager):

    from Products.ATVocabularyManager.config import TOOL_NAME as ATVOCABULARYTOOL
    from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
    from Products.ATVocabularyManager.utils.vocabs import createSimpleVocabs
    def setupVocabularies(context):
        """let's install the countries vocab"""
        vocabs = {}
        vocabs['countries'] = (
            ('ice', u'Iceland'),
            ('nor', u'Norway'),
            ('fin', u'Finland'),
            ('tyr', u'Tyrol'),
            ('auf', u'Ausserfern'),
        site = context.getSite()
        atvm = getToolByName(site, ATVOCABULARYTOOL)
        createSimpleVocabs(atvm, vocabs)

Using simple tree vocabularies

If you are interested in using and creating hierachical vocab:

  • use additional tag vocabulary:vocabulary_type with value TreeVocabulary,
  • have a look at the doc-string of Products.ATVocabularyManager.utils.createHierarchicalVocabs.

Using vocabularies based on the IMS Vocabulary Definition Exchange (VDEX) format.

VDEX is a simple XML based format to define flat or hierachical multilingual vocabularies. ATVocabularyManager supports VDEX in most of its dialects.

To tell Archetypes to use them in your UML first take Steps 1 to 3 of the first section and skip the import part. Then add a tag vocabulary:vocabulary_type and give it the value VdexVocabulary.

Now add a folder called data in your products folder. Inside the /data folder create a new file called countries.vdex ("example":countries.vdex). It will be imported automatically on install or reinstall, but only if a vocabulary named countries does not exist.