List of Plugin Interfaces


PAS Plugins are broken down by the different functionalities they provide. A particular plugin may provide one or many of the following interfaces

  • Extraction Plugins

    Extraction plugins are responsible for extracting credentials from the request.

  • Authentication Plugins

    Authentication plugins are responsible for validating credentials generated by the Extraction Plugin.

  • Challenge Plugins

    Challenge plugins initiate a challenge to the user to provide credentials.

  • Update Credentials Plugins

    Credential update plugins respond to the user changing credentials.

  • Reset Credentials Plugins

    Credential clear plugins respond to a user logging out.

  • Userfactory Plugins

    Create users.

  • Anonymoususerfactory Plugins

    Create anonymous users.

  • Properties Plugins

    Properties plugins generate property sheets for users.

  • Groups Plugins

    Groups plugins determine the groups to which a user belongs.

  • Roles Plugins

    Roles plugins determine the global roles which a user has.

  • Update Plugins

    Update plugins allow the user or the application to update the user's properties.

  • Validation Plugins

    Validation plugins specify allowable values for user properties (e.g., minimum password length, allowed characters, etc.)

  • User_Enumeration Plugins

    Enumeration plugins allow querying users by ID, and searching for users who match particular criteria.

  • User_Adder Plugins

    User Adder plugins allow the Pluggable Auth Service to create users.

  • Group_Enumeration Plugins

    Enumeration plugins allow querying groups by ID.

  • Role_Enumeration Plugins

    Enumeration plugins allow querying roles by ID.

  • Role_Assigner Plugins

    Role Assigner plugins allow the Pluggable Auth Service to assign