Using the config file to get shorter tagged values


Some tagged values can get quite lengthy. If you use such a lengthy value a few times, you can store it in your project's config file.

An example of long tagged values are the permissions you set on workflow states. A key view, with the value Manager, Member, Reviewer, for instance.

In tagged values, the text you type in is normally taken as a string. If you prefix your value with python:, it is copy-pasted literally into your code. So python:["a", "b"] is put into your code as ["a", "b"].

The config file

ArchGenXML generates a file in your Product's root directory, which in turn tries to import So stuff you put in there is treated as if it is placed in the main config file.

Every ArchGenXML-generated file contains an import like from Products.YourProduct.config import *, so the variables defined in your AppConfig are directly available in all the files. This means that you can specify shortcuts for the tagged values.

Shorter tagged values

Example line in your '':

EDITORS = 'Manager, Member, Reviewer'

Remember that we can use python: to paste raw python code directly into the generated files. After adding above line, the original tagged value view with value Manager, Member, Reviewer can be shortened to the tagged value view with value python:EDITORS. Now that's handy :-) And if you need to change this definition you have it at a central place. No need to touch 2, 3 or more states in UML where it's used several times on each.

You can use this little feature almost everywhere, so its not limited to workflow.