Enable After the Deadline spelling and grammar checker

  • Go to the Plone control panel and click on "TinyMCE Visual Editor"
  • Click on 'Toolbar' (middle left)
  • Make sure that 'spellchecker' is checked.
  • Click on 'Libraries' (top right)
  • Under "Spellchecker plugin to use", choose 'After the deadline'
  • Under AtD Service URL, choose your ATD server's URL. (The default is their public service)
  • It's however recommended that you install your own ATD spellchecker service See here for more details:

You should now have AtD enabled and have a spellcheck button in TinyMCE.

Widget configuration

You can configure TinyMCE per-widget level for different fields.

TinyMCE's utility.getConfiguration() looks for a widget specific configuration. The options below are provided. Please check the source code of getConfiguration() above for the full list.

  • filter_buttons
  • allow_buttons
  • redefine_parastyles
  • parastyles
  • rooted
  • toolbar_width

Here is an example how to configure field specific TinyMCE button list with reduced formatting options:

        label=_(u"Long description"),
        description=_(u"Long descriiption about the product with links to the further information"),