Developing TinyMCE


If you are on a Mac, install apache-ant from macports. Otherwise:

  • Install the Java JDK or JRE packages
  • Install Apache Ant
  • Add Apache Ant to your systems path environment variable. This is not required but makes it easier to issue commands to Ant without having to type the full path for it.

First start

TinyMCE integration in Plone has two core packages:

  • Products.TinyMCE: Plone integration
  • tinymce: raw tinymce source files

Fork both packages: and Continue with cloning your fork of Products.TinyMCE to your local machine:

$ git clone<your_git_username>/Products.TinyMCE.git
$ cd Products.TinyMCE

Now you need to tell buildout to use your fork of tinymce. Do that by opening up buildout.cfg with your favorite editor and changing the tinymce = ... line in [sources] section so it points to your fork:

- tinymce = git egg=false branch=3.4.7-plone
+ tinymce = git<your_git_username>/tinymce.git egg=false branch=3.4.7-plone

Cool, you are now ready to build your development environment:

$ python2.6
$ bin/buildout

What follows is going into src/tinymce, running a script to build TinyMCE and copy them in skisn directory where Plone can use them. To do so run:

$ ./

Ok, ready to start Zope and apply upgrade steps to your site. Once started go to http://localhost:8080/Plone/portal_setup/manage_upgrades and choose Products.TinyMCE:TinyMCE as a profile. If upgrades are available, run them. If you see No upgrade avaiable you don't need to run anything.

# TODO: difference using development version and developing tinymce


When you upgrade Products.TinyMCE you need to run the upgrade steps in portal_setup in ZMI.

  • Go to /Plone/portal_setup/manage_upgrades
  • Run upgrade steps for Products.TinyMCE

After each change

If you change something in src/tinymce you need to rerun the tinymce builder script and restart Plone

$ ./
$ bin/instance fg


Never change files directly in skins, but rather in src/tinymce/

Debugging tinymce javascript

You can have unobfuscated TinyMCE available for your Plone for debugging in two ways

  • Separate files: TinyMCE uses internal script loader
  • Merged as tiny_mce_full.js

The former is recommended.

Development build

All TinyMCE source code modules are separate in the orignal tree and must be copied for to skins structure:

cd src/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce
cp -r * ../../../../Products/TinyMCE/skins/tinymce

In portal_javascripts change tiny_mce.js -> tiny_mce_dev.js.

Fix definitionlist: in skins/tinymce/plugins/definitionlist copy editor_plug.js as editor_plugin_src.js. Don't know why this thing is broken or what's the proper fix or why Sky is blue.

Uncompressed jQuery adapter must be manually installed too. From skins/classes/adapter/jquery copy adapter.js as skins/jquery.tinymce.js.

Full concatenated build

Edit to do a full build:

ant -s $tinymce_git_root/build.xml build_full

This will create skins/tinymce/tiny_mce_full.js.

Copy in jquery.tinymce.js (where?)

More info about TinyMCE build process:

Updating translations

We use two domains of translations:

  • tinymce.po files which contain TinyMCE core translations and which are only updated when we upgrade to a new version of TinyMCE (see below) - no touchy!
  • plone.tinymce.po files which contain translations for our custom code.

Before editing translations

  • install i18ndude by running buildout using instructions above.
  • make sure your OS has msgfmt command installed

If you change some of our templates or control panels, make sure you rebuild our plone.tinymce.pot file and re-sync all language files

export BIN=\`pwd\`/bin
cd Products/TinyMCE/locales
$BIN/i18ndude rebuild-pot --exclude "utils support" --pot plone.tinymce.pot --merge plone.tinymce-manual.pot --create plone.tinymce ../
$BIN/i18ndude sync --pot plone.tinymce.pot ./*/LC_MESSAGES/plone.tinymce.po
cd Products/TinyMCE/locales/<your_language>/LC_MESSAGES
msgfmt -o plone.tinymce.po

Update language files for TinyMCE core

Whenever we upgrade to a new version of TinyMCE, we also need to fetch the latest language files for TinyMCE core and convert them to .po files, that Plone can use. You do that by using the scripts in Products/TinyMCE/utils:

# download XML language files
$ cd Products/TinyMCE/utils
$ python

# convert downloaded xml files into .po files
$ python

# compile .mo files out of .po files
$ python

# create tinymce.pot which is needed for support
$ cp ../locales/en/LC_MESSAGES/tinymce.po ../locales/tinymce.pot

Compile translation files

A one-liner to compile all translation files goes a little something like this:

$ cd Products/TinyMCE/locales
$ for po in `find . -name "*.po"` ; do msgfmt -o `dirname $po`/`basename $po .po`.mo $po; done

Translating style names

TODO: How????

Common pitfalls

If your TinyMCE is not working as excpected or is not displayed at all, first check you haven't fallen in one of the following pits.

Building TinyMCE failed

Maybe the script failed halfway through its process. Stop Zope and rerun the script until you see an output like this:

Total time: 4 seconds
*** Cleaning old tinymce version ...
*** Copying files ...
*** Removing unneeded files ...
*** Removing unneeded plugins ...
*** Removing unneeded skins ...
*** Updating language files ...
*** Translations already there, copy them over ***

Use correct tinymce branch

Go to src/tinymce/ and make sure you are using the latest plone branch of TinyMCE. The output should look something like this, with * indicating which branch you are on:

$ git branch
* 3.4.3-plone

Getting a new upstream version

Let's say current version in Products.TinyMCE is 3.4.3 and upstream is 3.4.7:

$ cd src/tinymce
$ git checkout 3.4.3
$ git checkout -b 3.4.7
$ git rebase --ignore-whitespace --onto 3.4.7-plone 3.4.3 3.4.7

Ignore whitespace makes sure different lineendings are not an issue while merging.

PS: It is highly recommended to use meld for merging:

$ git config --global merge.tool meld

Releasing TinyMCE

  • run ./
  • rebuild pot and sync (look above)
  • compile translation files (look above)
  • commit all changes in skins directory with message like "sync with tinymce at revision x"
  • increment version in
  • run python sdist

Javascript coding standards

use jslint, if you don't have it integrated with editor yet, use