Validator Reference


A quick reference to the built-in Archetypes validators.

Using Validators

Archetypes fields may have validators specified in the Field schema. For example, the schema for the basic page type includes the stanza:

ATDocumentSchema = ATContentTypeSchema.copy() + Schema((
              validators = ('isTidyHtmlWithCleanup',),

This specifies that the isTidyHtmlWithCleanup test will be applied to validate form input.

You may specify a sequence of validators:

validators = ('isMaxSize', 'isTidyHtmlWithCleanup',),

and the validators will tested in order.

The validators sequence may contain two kinds of entries:

  • The string names of validators registered with the validation service (see Products.validation);
  • Instances of classes implementing the IValidator interface (Products.validation.interfaces.IValidator.IValidator).

A validation specification using a validator class instance can look like:

validators = ( ExpressionValidator('python: int(value) == 5'), )

Registered Validators

These are validators pre-registered with the validation service. They may be specified by name.