Restricting addable types


The constrain-types machinery and how it drives the "restrict..." option under the "add item" menu.

As of Plone 2.1, the “add item” menu supports a “restrict…” page that lets the user decide which items can and cannot be added to that folder. This functionality is defined in a pair of interfaces in CMFPlone.interfaces.constrains, IConstrainTypes for read-only access and ISelectableConstrainTypes for the mutators. The canonical implementation of these interfaces is in ATContentTypes.lib.constraintypes. This provides storage for the constraint mode (more below) and the list of locally allowed and “preferred” types. The preferred types are the ones that appear in the list immediately, and the rest of the allowed types appear behind a “more…” item. The constraint type mode can be ACQUIRE (the default), DISABLED or ENABLED. When disabled, the settings in portal\_types are used. When enabled, the list of types explicitly set are used. When set to acquire, the parent folder`s types will be used *if* the parent is of the same portal type as the folder in question. If they are of different types the settings in portal\_types apply. The rest of the ConstrainTypesMixin class overrides CMFCore`s allowedContentTypes and invokeFactory methods to ensure the constraints are enforced.