The 'display' menu


The 'display' menu is the drop-down that lets content authors select which view template to use, or which object to set as a default-page in a folder.

The display menu is found in global\ and supports three different functions: - Set the display template (aka “layout”) of the current content object, provided that object supports this. - Set the default-page of a folder, provided the folder supports this - If viewing a folder with a default-page, allow selecting the standard view template/layout for that folder, thus unsetting the default-page. There are two interfaces in CMFDynamicViewFTI.interfaces that are used to support this functionality: IBrowserDefault – Provides information about the layout current selection of a given content object, including any selected deafult-page ISelectableBrowserDefault – Extends IBrowserDeafult with methods to manipulate the current selection The canonical implementation of both these interfaces is in CMFDynamicViewFTI.browserdefault.BrowserDefaultMixin. This in turn gets the vocabulary of available view methods from the FTI (and hence this can be edited through-the-web in portal\_types), and stores the current selection in two properties on each content object: layout, for the currently selected view template, and default\_page if any default page is selected. If both are set, the default-page will take precedence. BrowserDefaultMixin actually provides a \_\_call\_\_ method which means that will render the object with its default layout template. However, PloneTool.browserDefault() will actually query the interface directly to find out which template to display - please see the next page for the gory details.