Status messages

Status messages are session-bound information which allow the user to see notifications when the page is rendered next time.

Status messages are stored session in safely manner which prevents Cross-Site Scripting attacks which might occur due to delivering message information as HTTP GET query parameters.

Setting a status message

Status messages have text (unicode) and type (str). All pending status messages are shown to the user when the next page is rendered.


from Products.statusmessages.interfaces import IStatusMessage

messages = IStatusMessage(self.request)

messages.add(u"Item deleted", type=u"info")

Example which you can use in Python scripts:

# This message is in Plone i18n domain
context.plone_utils.addPortalMessage(_(u'You are now logged in. Welcome to supa-dupa-system.'), 'info')

Rendering status message style by hand-crafted HTML

If you want to insert elements looking status messages on your page use the following mark-up

<dl class="portalMessage error">
    <dd>Login failed. Both login name and password are case sensitive, check that caps lock is not enabled.</dd>