Overriding templates with Archetypes


This document will tell how to create custom templates for Plone and Archetypes based content.

This does not deal with

The template loading mechanism

Archetypes tries to look up a template with name

  • Content type name lowercased + _view.pt
  • Content type name lowercased + _edit.cpt

from portal_skins.

Example controlled page template (cpt) file yourcontenttype.cpt:

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For cpt files (controlled page template) you'll also need corresponding .metadata file:

title = Edit Your Content Type

validators = validate_atct
validators..form_add =
validators..cancel =

action.success = traverse_to:string:content_edit
action.success..cancel = redirect_to:python:object.REQUEST['last_referer']
action.success_add_reference = redirect_to:python:object.REQUEST['last_referer']
action.failure = traverse_to_action:string:edit
action.next_schemata = traverse_to_action:string:edit

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