Manipulator section

A manipulator pipeline section lets you copy, move or discard keys from the pipeline. The manipulator section blueprint name is collective.transmogrifier.sections.manipulator.

A manipulator section will copy keys when you specify a set of keys to copy, and an expression to determine what to copy these to. These are the keys and destination options.

The keys option is a set of key names, one on each line; keynames starting with re: or regexp: are treated as regular expresions. The destination expression is a TALES expression that can access not only the item, but also the matched key and, if a regular expression was used, the match object.

If a delete option is specified, it is also interpreted as a set of keys, like the keys option. These keys will be deleted from the item; if used together with the keys and destination options, keys will be renamed instead of copied.

Also optional is the condition option, which lets you specify a TALES expression that when evaluating to False will prevent any manipulation from happening. The condition is evaluated for every matched key.

>>> manipulator = """
... [transmogrifier]
... pipeline =
...     source
...     copy
...     rename
...     delete
...     logger
... [source]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.samplesource
... [copy]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.manipulator
... keys =
...     title
...     id
... destination = string:$key-copy
... [rename]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.manipulator
... keys = re:([^-]+)-copy$
... destination = python:'%s-duplicate' %
... delete = ${rename:keys}
... [delete]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.manipulator
... delete = status
... [logger]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.logger
... name = logger
... level = INFO
... """
>>> registerConfig(u'collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.manipulator',
...                manipulator)
>>> transmogrifier(u'collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.manipulator')
>>> print handler
logger INFO
    {'id': 'foo',
    'id-duplicate': 'foo',
    'title': u'The Foo Fighters \u2117',
    'title-duplicate': u'The Foo Fighters \u2117'}
logger INFO
    {'id': 'bar',
    'id-duplicate': 'bar',
    'title': u'Brand Chocolate Bar \u2122',
    'title-duplicate': u'Brand Chocolate Bar \u2122'}
logger INFO
    {'id': 'monty-python',
    'id-duplicate': 'monty-python',
    'title': u"Monty Python's Flying Circus \xa9",
    'title-duplicate': u"Monty Python's Flying Circus \xa9"}
>>> handler.clear()

The destination expression has access to the following:

item the current pipeline item
key the name of the matched key
match if the key was matched by a regular expression, the match object, otherwise boolean True
transmogrifier the transmogrifier
name the name of the splitter section
options the splitter options
modules sys.modules