Codec section

A codec pipeline section lets you alter the character encoding of item values, allowing you to recode text from and to unicode and any of the codecs supported by python. The codec section blueprint name is collective.transmogrifier.sections.codec.

What values to recode is determined by the keys option, which takes a set of newline-separated key names. If a key name starts with re: or regexp: it is treated as a regular expression instead.

The optional from and to options determine what codecs values are recoded from and to. Both these values default to unicode, meaning no translation. If either option is set to default, the current default encoding of the Plone site is used.

To deal with possible encoding errors, you can set the error handler of both the from and to codecs separately with the from-error-handler and to-error-handler options, respectively. These default to strict, but can be set to any error handler supported by python, including replace and ignore.

Also optional is the condition option, which lets you specify a TALES expression that when evaluating to False will prevent any en- or decoding from happening. The condition is evaluated for every matched key.

>>> codecs = """
... [transmogrifier]
... pipeline =
...     source
...     decode-all
...     encode-id
...     encode-title
...     logger
... [source]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.samplesource
... encoding = utf8
... [decode-all]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.codec
... keys = re:.*
... from = utf8
... [encode-id]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.codec
... keys = id
... to = ascii
... [encode-title]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.codec
... keys = title
... to = ascii
... to-error-handler = backslashreplace
... condition = python:'Brand' not in item['title']
... [logger]
... blueprint = collective.transmogrifier.sections.logger
... name = logger
... level = INFO
... """
>>> registerConfig(u'collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.codecs',
...                codecs)
>>> transmogrifier(u'collective.transmogrifier.sections.tests.codecs')
>>> print handler
logger INFO
    {'id': 'foo', 'status': u'\u2117', 'title': 'The Foo Fighters \\u2117'}
logger INFO
    {'id': 'bar', 'status': u'\u2122', 'title': u'Brand Chocolate Bar \u2122'}
logger INFO
    {'id': 'monty-python', 'status': u'\xa9', 'title': "Monty Python's Flying Circus \\xa9"}

The condition expression has access to the following:

item the current pipeline item
key the name of the matched key
match if the key was matched by a regular expression, the match object, otherwise boolean True
transmogrifier the transmogrifier
name the name of the splitter section
options the splitter options
modules sys.modules